LAST UPDATED: 1st January 2018


Well, that’s it! Thanks for looking at my site and I hope you’ll come back again as the content is always being updated and new pages are being added. If you see the ‘Last Updated’ date (just below the title banner  on each page) is quite old, refresh the page as you may have an old page in your cache. I try to update at least monthly (more often, if time allows).

I would also like to thank all the people that have taken the trouble to drop me an e-mail or left a message on my old guestbook page. The comments I have received have been so supportive and make this worthwhile. I hope you found something useful in this site - any comments, good or bad are welcomed!

73 from Sean Gilbert, G4UCJ / G4001SWL

International Editor - WRTH

(Ex) RSGB County Morse Code Examiner and Tutor

-- DX - DIGITAL - CW - 6/4m - VHF - WX Sat - MilAir/Airband --


I may not be transmitting much but you can guarantee I’ll be monitoring something, somewhere :)

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