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LAST UPDATED: 7th July 2016

Here are some articles written by me that may be of interest:

All these articles are in PDF format and you will need to download the Free Adobe Acrobat Reader from the Adobe website, if you do not already have it on your system

Thinking of buying a receiver? You really should read this first:

Buying a receiver


How do radio signals travel around the world? This article will help to unravel some of the mysteries as well as giving useful operating tips to maximize your chances of working that rare station (knowing what band will be open and to where at a given time for instance) and without getting too technical.

HF Propagation


Here you can download the PDF of my now famous Hula Loop MW dx antenna. This loop has been built and is in use by DX-ers in countries as diverse as Argentina, China, Australia and many more.

Hula Loop

RACAL Receivers

Here are some PDF manuals for the sought after Racal RA1778 professional receiver that have been compiled by G4IRQ from various sources. Individual chapters can be found on the RA1778 Yahoo group.

Racal RA-1778 Operations Manual (1.4MB Approx)

Racal RA-1778 Maintenance Manual Part 1 (Chapters 1-16), Colour. (27MB Approx)

Racal RA-1778 Maintenance Manual Part 2 (Chapters 17-24), Monochrome. (16MB Approx)


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