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NEW SHACK Location (coming in January 2017)!

 My ‘guestbook’ has been deleted (host gone) - Sporadic E (Es) Season  is over for another year

 New baby/junior op at G4UCJ takes a lot of time up, as you can imagine!

Check back regularly, I will be adding more content throughout 2017.

Any comments? Please email: sean@hfradio.org.uk

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  Visit  the website for details of how to order the brand new and fully updated

WRTH - 2017 edition (71st Annual Edition)!

The B16 broadcast season now here, don’t get left behind!  You can order your copy of WRTH 2016 from:  www.wrth.com.  Also, you can buy the full colour bargraph of International and Domestic SW broadcast schedules - the original, and best! Visit the site for these, and more. Free B16 schedule updates on the web site (in Jan 2017).

JT65-HF (Original version)

JT65-HF is no longer being developed by the author, but the project is far from dead, with at least 2 others producing different versions of the software (these are being called ‘JT65HF Comfort’). The way the progams look and feel compared to the original is pretty similar, but each has a set of features different to the other. I will continue to host the original software and will provide links for the other ‘forked’ versions on the digital modes page.

I am pleased to offer this site as a mirror download site for the original JT65-HF software from Joe Large, W4CQZ.

Please click on the picture to download the setup EXE file for JT65-HF v1.09.3 (the latest/last version).


If you wish to download the previous version (1.07 - zip file, with instal instructions) click HERE

For more information on JT65, see my Digital Modes page


Since the demise of the ‘Shortwave Log’ Logging and control software by Bob Sillett, there has been nowhere that users can download the setup file. I have decided to host the setup file on this site, but it has to be remembered that some of the external databases will not be available or will have changed format during the time since the last edition was released.

Also bear in mind that you will require various other programs to be loaded onto your computer (from Microsoft and others) in order for SWLog to function. I offer no warranty or backup for this program, I am just acting as a host. If at anytime the author of SWLog contacts me and wishes me to remove the program from my site I shall, of course, comply with his wishes.

You may download the SWLog setup file (build 4460) by clicking HERE. I have scanned this file with various anti-malware and anti-virus programs and it shows as being clean. However, please ensure that you scan it with your preferred software before running it.

About me:

I'm Sean and this is my HFRADIO.ORG.UK website, which is pretty much dedicated to all things radio. Below is a little bit about me:

I have been into radio since I was 7 years old, and a transmitting radio ham since the age of 14 (1982). In this time I have worked or heard most of the 340 or so countries/entities in the world and have well over 200 DXCC entities confirmed. My antennas have always been simple (and often indoors!) and I prefer to use low power levels to make my contacts. I have worked over 160 countries using just 3 watts. I concentrate on listening these days as transmitting from this location (QTH) is not very easy. I am a Morse Code Examiner (well, OK, WAS an examiner, until the requirement for Morse was dropped) and most of my loggings were on CW, however I am now very interested in the vast array of digital modes now available! I favour PSK31, but I am always on the look out for modes I haven’t tried yet. Now as to which is my favourite band? The answer is: Any band that has a signal on it!

In 2007 I celebrated 25 years as a transmitting radio amateur, plus reaching the ripe old age of 40 years! Now in 2013, I notch up 39 years as an SWL (Short Wave Listener) and 31 years as a licensed ham, which is making me feel really old :) Despite having been into radio most of my life, I am still as enthusiastic about my hobby as ever, in fact I would say I am even more enthusiastic as each year passes!

2013 saw my G4 callsign turn 30 years old - I can still remember taking the Morse Code test at the GPO station at North Foreland Radio. I believe I was one of the last to be tested at that station. I was told it closed shortly after, and all Morse testing was turned over to the RSGB. I did, at one point, apply to be the RSGB Chief Morse Examiner, when the existing one had to step down. I was asked to apply by a number of people, however I had not had the relevant professional experience (I would have needed to be a ship’s RO (Radio Officer/Operator) or a land based RO with professional experience, or similar). Still it was nice to be considered, and I am proud of the fact that I was nominated to apply for the post in the first place. At least it wasn’t my CW that let me down - that was not a problem as I had been training hard and was receiving at over 40 wpm at the time. It has always been the case that I can receive CW faster than I can send :) I have to admit my CW receiving speed has fallen off a bit, although I can still get callsigns sent in contests at 40wpm plus but for general receiving I prefer to keep the speed in the mid 20’s (due to lack of practice - and, probably, getting older).

I have included links to the sites of some of my favourite radio related software and resources, my job’s website - where I am the International Broadcasting Editor for WRTH - you can download the latest broadcasting schedules and updates from the site, and also order WRTH. There are also links to other sites of interest to the radio user.

Check out my blog at http://radioactive.hfradio.org.uk - there is an RSS subscription button so you can keep up to date with my posts & ramblings (Doesn’t work with the ‘Chrome’ browser though, but it’s OK in Firefox and I.E.) - The blog needs to be updated, I have been too busy and forgot to do it!

When you have finished visiting my site, pop over to my ‘brother’ HFRADIO site in the USA where you will find loads of useful information for the radio amateur.

Visit: http://www.hfradio.org (webmaster is Tomas, NW7US - make sure you also check out his music site, he is a talented guitarist, amongst other things.)

There are photo’s are at my dedicated galleries (soon to be updated, yes they will be!):


I will add more photo’s to the gallery as they become available

How to contact me:




My handmade brass pump key which was constructed especially for me my the late M0BZF. This key has a beautiful smooth action and is/was used mainly for teaching and examining.


No matter what your age, sex, race, creed or religion, whether you are able bodied or not, you will be welcomed into a hobby that has over 2 million active licensed participants plus countless millions more listeners from every land.

One of the tools of my trade: a Virobroplex Deluxe Vibrokeyer Single Lever paddle dating from 1967 (as do I!).

My Vibroplex Brass Racer Twin Paddle key, with magnetic tensioning. This one dates from around 1990


My faithful G4ZPY single lever paddle, which has won many a pile up for me!


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Band Condition Indicator (as with all propagation forecasters, this is only a guide and cannot be 100% accurate)


Real time Solar X-Ray and Geomagnetic Field conditions:


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